2011 Comparison of the Leading Diabetes Supplements

We have researched the marketplace to help consumers select the best support for their type 2 diabetes. We identified 3 products over the last year that met all of our criteria – fast acting, no discomfort, no harmful side effects, and excellent results. All 3 of the products below were extremely effective and had a high customer rating.

Our review criteria are based on effectiveness, price, ingredients, consumer feedback, availability, response time of customer service and product guarantee. If you would like to share your own opinion of these, or other related products, please contact customer service to complete a review.

Rank Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Products Diaxil Optimum GlucoseM2
Overall Rating to to to

Takes Time

Very knowledgeable
and supportive

Not very

Very supportive
Success Rate 96% 81% 75%
Return Policy Risk free Risk free Risk free
Average Price (based on 4 bottles) $27.45 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$37.47 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$26.21 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
Overall Value Very Effective ok Good
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
Approval Rating
Where to Buy Diaxil.com Optimumdiabetics Progressive Health
Web Site www.diaxil.com optimumdiabetics.com progressivehealth.com


#1 Ranked Diabetes Product

Diaxil Review

Product Claims

Diaxil is the most effective diaxil treatment available.

Diaxil has been chosen as the number one method for helping those with Type 2 diabetes. It works to promote healthy blood sugar while increasing your energy metabolism levels. Using 18 hand-picked, extensively researched ingredients, Diaxil was formulated by the best medical doctors and scientific researchers. It has been proven to work in more than 100 studies that were conducted.

Diaxil contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that provide vital nutrients in helping your body to maintain the best in overall health, and maintain healthy weight levels.  Those who use Diaxil report that they can feel results within a very short time which is important when trying to maintain good overall health.

Diaxil is completely safe!

Diaxil is made from all natural ingredients and is safe to take long term without experiencing any negative side effects.

Diaxil can be used to help prevent diaxil, too!

Health Analysis

Using Diaxil can help to relieve your symptoms of Type 2 diabetes while helping you to maintain overall good health. It works to keep your weight down by increasing your metabolism causing your body to use glucose properly.

Overall Grade:a Diabetes Treatment Reviews to aplus Diabetes Treatment Reviews

#2 Ranked Diabetes Product

Optimum Review

Product Claims

Optimum Diabetes is another good product that is available on the market today.  It contains ingredients that are all natural and are safe for your system.  This product was chosen as our editor’s second ranking because while it can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, it is not as effective at helping those who need to maintain the healthy weight that most diabetics suffer from.

Optimum Diabetes works with your body naturally to provide nutrients that are lacking because of the strain that is put on a person’s body that has diabetes.   However, users of this product have often reported that it takes some time before they feel any results from the product at all.

Health Analysis

Optimum Diabetes is good because it is made from all natural ingredients and can help to provide additional nutrients that the body needs, but it is lacking in helping those who need to maintain a healthy weight level.

Overall Grade: to

#3 Ranked Diabetes Product

GlucoseM2 Review

Product Claims

Glucose M2 is a good product for alleviating a few of the symptoms of diabetes, however, it falls short when compared to our number one product, therefore, our editor’s have place it in the number three position.  Glucose M2 seems to be more of a multi-vitamin product than a solution to your diabetes problems.

It does help to give you the nutrients that you need if your diet is not what it should be as a diabetic, but it will help you maintain a healthy weight while suffering from diabetes.  This seems to be one of the biggest hurdles that a diabetic can overcome.  Glucose M2 is lacking the ingredients needed for promoting the good overall health that your body needs.

Health Analysis

Glucose M2 is a good product if you want to get additional vitamins that may be lacking from your diet, but if you are looking to relieve more of the symptoms of diabetes, our top choice is the way to go.

Overall Grade: to